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Please accept this website is still currently under development

Welcome to the Devon & Cornwall Food Association in Cornwall.


This site is being created in support of a new DCFA centre in Cornwall.


We aim to increase awareness of the rising need to intercept good food before it goes to landfill.


There are many families struggling to make ends meet in Cornwall, and many organisations trying to support those families.


The DCFA aims to support these organisations by coordinating larger shipments of surplus food and getting it to the front-line of food poverty in the South West.


We can only do this in Cornwall with your support. We are working hard on finding the perfect location to accept deliveries, store, re-package, and then re-distribute large quantities of food.


If you can help us, then please get in touch.


We hope our new DCFA Cornwall centre to be operational as close to Christmas as possible, a time traditional beset with problems for the poorest families.

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